Monday, September 7, 2009


I love reading blogs and I love writing them too, but to find the just isn't there. Oh well, I will spend the small amount of time I have reading about all the amazing people around me and as soon as I can just sit down and blog myself for a bit, I will :) I still am alive and busy trying to figure out the ball of confusion in my life right now, but so completely enjoying reading blogs, especially cause I don't have time to read books, what a delight it brings me!


Mary said...

We love you!!

Joel said...

I enjoy reading your blog, even when you are just writing about reading other people's blogs.

There's probably some irony or something in there somewhere.


Rebecca said...

jamie, i love reading your blog even if it's just a couple of words :)

Raelynn said...

ditto to what rebecca said.

want to know what i love more than reading your blogs?? uh...YOU!!

hugs and kisses.