Friday, January 30, 2009

You can call me your 'little dude', mom

For months we talked with Kai about giving up his most prized possession, his blanket. We had determined that he would leave it in Vanuatu and become a big boy by joining the 'No Blanket Club'. We wanted to light a fire, paint our faces, and have a little island ceremony and have him throw it in there. We thought about doing it 2 days before heading back home, that way he would get out all of the tantrums before the 27 hour trip. 4 days before we are leaving he wakes up and hands me his blanket and says, "mom you can have it now". I said several times, "are you sure?" and he stated he was sure. So I took it from him knowing that he would not see it again.

A couple of hours later he cried for his blanket and then a couple of hours after that he screamed for it. Then before bed he just laid there, teary eyed and said he missed his blanket and then went to sleep.

The next morning he woke up totally fine and said mom, you can call me your 'little dude' now (he would never let me call him that before). He is a big boy now! I was so proud of him. He is 3 years old and he made the decision on his own...he even grieved over it like we grieve over the loss of something we love. How amazing are you Malakai!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where it all begins

This is definitely not something that I am fabulous at or anything, so hopefully this will just be simple, fun, and entertaining.

I have a wonderful husband, George, who is from the island nation of Vanuatu, he is wonderful and such an amazing dad. I think he is incredibly brave for moving his life here to start a new life with me. He played international soccer, 'futbol' for all the true fans, and was pretty stinkin good at it.

Life is an endless adventure for us as we are living 2 completely different cultures out together.

My kids are pretty incredible!! My oldest is 5 now and her name is Lydiane. She brings us so much joy! She has a very strong personality and both George and I know that God has incredible things over her life and it is our job to help her grow into those things. I believe she will have a passion for justice!

Our second, Malakai is our little man who is 3 years old and he completely makes me melt. He is so sweet and tender-hearted and is always reminds me to just sit down and rest with my kids and cuddle them. He is a tender warrior and you have blessed us more than we could ever describe.

Our last one is little Norah who came into the world on Sept 24. She is so sweet and has an amazing temperament. She has been a bit of a shock to us as she is a light skinned, blue eyed, red head. She reminds of one of those children in the vintage photographs. Children are such blessings from God.
What fun! Never a dull moment! When I stop and really think about my life, I am amazed at what God has given me, simply because He loves me!