Saturday, October 10, 2009


So the last post I did turns out to be a complete myth. That just makes me sad that people make up stories like this when it is completely not true. I'm a little discouraged, but glad I know the truth too. Although I still completely believe that God wants us to learn to hide in Him being completely exposed and bare and allowing Him to renew us. Eagles do not renew themselves from what I have researched. Please if anyone has facts on this that are different, please let me know. I am totally curious now. Thanks Rebecca for letting me know as I did my own research as well, after the fact. Good learning experience....lovin the process :)


Rebecca said...

I think it's odd, also, that people would just make this stuff up but it sounded really awesome, didn't it? I'm sorry to be the buzz-kill on that but I was so intrigued that I checked it out for myself. It's always good to know the truth for yourself so I, too, love the process.

I'd still like to stand under the waterfall of God :)

Joel said...

At least your clarified that it wasn't true. That speaks volumes about your character :)

Elisa Mary said...

I miss your posts!! But I know you're busy. :) Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!