Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wow it has been a long while! So lets see, what is new with me....not a lot, well a lot inside my head going on, but not much outside of that ha ha ha :). Adjusting to having a house, I LOVE it! The Loveday wedding was fabulous. It was like Lord of the Rings moment, when Leslie walked down the isle in the snow in her white fur lined cape. Amazing!

Bought our first newer car....ha ha ha it is a 2000, but that is the newest we have ever owned, it has only 83,000 miles on it. It is a minivan, and sadly I love it....hee hee hee.

I am more and more contemplating starting my business, that I have been dreaming about for forever and actually beginning to put together a business plan and put money aside to purchased equipment. CRAZY, but exciting! Having a hard time coming up with names...have a few in mind, but nothing has struck me like, "that's it!" if you know what I mean. Also really really considering homeschooling Lydiane next year. I think I will put Kai in public school for at least Kindergarten and see how it goes. I think him being with other kids and in a classroom environment will be really good for him and for me too LOL! Lydi begs me to homeschool, she tells me all the time, I have told everyone in my class all about Jesus already, so I am ready for the next thing mom...yikes! A little missionary :)

I have been so impressed with myself lately with keeping my house clean, cooking yummy dinners, and actually spending really good quality time with the kids, some days are better than others though :). I have realized that I just need to lay things down in this season of my life. A lot of the what I have had to lay down is relationships. That has been extremely hard, but through this discovering 'me' process and getting rid of so many fear issues and seeking mans approval and laying down of relationships that I have allowed to control me, it has been incredibly liberating and exciting. I have never been like this in my whole life. I am loving it. I am even doing a study on David, which this sounds terrible, but I have never done a Bible study on my own in my life. I have tried, but always got too busy. I love it so much that I look forward to it everyday. I feel so different in the sense that if I skip a day it doesn't make a difference. Something has left me and freedom has taken its place YEYEAH!! :)

I guess a lot more than I thought has been going on with me. Ha ha ha!


Joel said...

It's always good to see you write, and makes me smile. *two thumbs up*

becca said...

Yeah Jamie! So cool to hear you are ok with where you are in this season life. You are one cool woman :) Now...what does Mokavi mean??

Mary said...

Yes, I love your posts. What will your business be?
I love the study of David. The Lord's presence is there.
Beautiful picture of your family.